Thank You!

As 2013 wraps up all of us at the Crisis Nursery echo the words of our official Spokesbaby when she says thank you for all you do for us. If you are still looking to make a year-end donation, you can do so by clicking here.

Help Us Move!

Volunteer opportunities are now open at Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery! The Crisis Nursery is moving and we can’t do it without you! We are looking for volunteers ranging from one person to up to teams of 20 people to assist the Crisis Nursery move to South Minneapolis. Activities include packing, cleaning and unpacking at both the Golden Valley and Minneapolis location. The Crisis Nursery will graciously schedule individuals or groups who are available to volunteer during the following days and time periods. Please note the location site varies depending on the activity.


Time Frame

# of Volunteers Needed

Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University presents Building Adult Capabilities to Improve Child Outcomes

The Crisis Nursery's Nursery Way care protocols help expand children’s coping skills and build lasting resiliency, while simultaneously educating parents as to child development and parenting skills.

This 5-minute video depicts the Frontiers of Innovation community’s theory of change for achieving breakthrough outcomes for vulnerable children and families. It describes the need to focus on building the capabilities of caregivers and strengthening the communities that together form the environment of relationships essential to children’s lifelong learning, health, and behavior.

Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery is Moving!

Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery is excited to announce that we are moving to our south shelter in Minneapolis this coming Fall. For more information concerning this exciting change, please read our announcement.

Questions? Read the FAQ.


Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery's south shelter

4544 4th Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55419

2013 Children’s Mental Health eReview

The Crisis Nursery’s Children Services Director, Kamyala Howard, and Family Services Director, Molly Kenney, worked on the March 2013 Children’s Mental Health eReview. Read, How trauma gets ‘under the skin’: Biological and cognitive process of child maltreatment and learn about how the Crisis Nursery helps families experiencing trauma, crisis and toxic stress.

Cribnotes - Winter 2012

The Crisis Nursery's Winter Newsletter is now available. Cribnotes - Winter 2012

Cribnotes - Fall 2012

Read about the Crisis Nursery in our fall newsletter. Cribnotes- Fall 2012

GMCN Leadership Council

Q: Are you a young professional who is passionate about the mission of Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery? 

A: Here is an opportunity for you!

The newly created GMCN Leadership Council is looking to recruit 2-3 additional members to engage other young professionals in advancing the mission of the crisis nursery by:

  • Enhancing communication and awareness of GMCN
  • Increasing the diversity and sustainability of fundraising sources
  • Increasing the diversity of the Board’s composition and perspective
  • Developing future nonprofit leaders of social responsibility

Q: Interested in getting involved? Want to learn more?

A: Contact Katie Junkermeier at for more information.

Lucy’s Garden Project

Every day, Crisis Nursery staff facilitate lighthearted hours of play and fun-filled activities for the children who are sheltered at the Crisis Nursery. While Crisis Nursery advocate staff counsel parents to help them resolve a family crisis, the children come to the Crisis Nursery – a joyful place where “kids can be kids.”

Almost 4 years ago, the Crisis Nursery added Lucy Van Toolbelt to our front yard and with the help of Kraus-Anderson, we were able to fence the area. This allowed for a multitude of new, outdoor programming for the children at the Crisis Nursery. In order to continue providing the best environment for the children, this summer the Crisis Nursery is crafting a new inter-active nature experience. With the help of generous donors, Lucy’s Garden Project has given the Crisis Nursery the opportunity to “playscape” the front yard area to include not only new floral plantings and trees, but also a Reading Circle, Butterfly Garden, Vegetable Garden and Reflection Path. This project will create a natural wonderland where the children can experience the joy of the outdoors safely.

Cribnotes - Spring 2012

The newest publication of Cribnotes is now available. Read about what is happening at Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery! Cribnotes - Spring 2012