The Need for Socially Appropriate, Supportive Parenting Programs

Recent episodes of child abuse, in particular the alleged actions of Adrian Peterson that resulted in major injury of a child, have sparked discussion locally and nationally.

These tragic incidents highlight the critical need for additional, socially appropriate, accessible and supportive parenting programs.

Regardless of how we may have been parented, research on best-practices for parenting and how it impacts the parent child relationship is constantly evolving. All parents can benefit from supportive parenting  education. Programs that incorporate best practices and build on families’ strengths will help to create an environment where children can thrive.

Yet, for the most isolated and transient families, accessing socially appropriate supportive parenting programs is challenging.  The many conversations the Peterson case has started must include the vital importance of giving every parent the opportunity to access quality education and resources.

Children don’t come with instruction manuals. Every parent will benefit from this opportunity to learn, and every child will be safer, and healthier because of it.