NATIONAL VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION WEEK-Our Volunteer Appreciation Spotlight shines today, Thursday, April 19, 2012 on Laurie Helling and Colleen Tracy!

Not everyone may be aware that the Crisis Nursery provides Parent Support Group sessions twice a year for families  participating  in our 4th Day Program. Before their meetings, parents have an opportunity to socialize with each other over a meal that is prepared and served by Parent Support Group volunteer teams like Laurie and Colleen. Danielle Brady, Crisis Nursery Volunteer Manager shares,” We are so fortunate to have compassionate volunteers like Laurie and Colleen that give their time and talents to contribute to the Parent Support Group meetings which are such an important extension of our services to parents. “  

NATIONAL VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION WEEK-Our Volunteer Appreciation Spotlight shines today, Wednesday, April 18, 2012 on Jayne Hoaglund!

 Jayne enthusiastically joined the child care volunteer team 16 months ago.

Other volunteers comment that Jayne’s enthusiasm is contagious!

“Jayne is a ball of energy, she treats each child as if they were her own. She is caring to  everyone she meets, children and staff,” shares our staff.

Jayne tells us she was drawn to volunteer at the Crisis Nursery by her love of babies and by the positive experiences a friend and her family have had volunteering .  Jayne says, “When I leave the Crisis Nursery after my volunteer shift, I am always so happy I came. The children are so appreciative of the care they receive, so open to their experiences, their little smiles just fill my heart with joy.”

NATIONAL VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION WEEK-Our Volunteer Appreciation Spotlight shines today, Tuesday, April 17, 2012 on The Hackel Team!

For over two years, the Hackel Team has been providing nourishing , tasty meals (from scratch!) to the children at the Crisis Nursery through the Cook For Kids volunteer program. “The Hackel Team always makes dinner time special. They help attend to the children’s needs, cuddle the babies, and do a wonderful job,” comments the Crisis Nursery staff.

Hackel Team was first referred to the Crisis Nursery by their niece, Annie Gorman, who became involved through her work with the Junior League of Minneapolis. They decided as a family to cook for the Crisis Nursery children, “a couple of times” as a family activity. They soon decided they wanted to do it on a monthly basis. “We find it very satisfying to help the children through the Cook For Kids program. We find great joy in giving this way and spending time with the kids. It is a great family sharing time for us as well as we get together to plan the meals, shop, and volunteer”, explains Jeff Ziegler, a member of the Hackel Team.

NATIONAL VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION WEEK- Our Volunteer Appreciation Spotlight shines today, Monday, April 16, 2012 on BEN YOUNGSTROM!

Ben has given nearly 500 hours of child care volunteering since he first started volunteering  at the Crisis Nursery in 2004, and is known as one our most dependable volunteers—rarely, if ever, missing a scheduled volunteer shift. Our staff shares about Ben, “Ben’s dedication to the children at the Crisis Nursery is amazing; he is so patient and kind. We know we can count on Ben.”

When growing up in a family of teachers, Ben as a teen spent time helping his mother at her preschool and worked summers at a family friend’s daycare center. Ben shares, “Although ultimately I choose a different career path, I have always enjoyed working with young people.When my employer started a volunteer initiative several years back, I decided to look for an opportunity to volunteer in a child care setting. I had heard of the Crisis Nursery through Minnesota Timberwolves radio broadcasts.

NATIONAL VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION WEEK - Our Volunteer Appreciation Spotlight shines today, Sunday, April 15, 2012 on Greta Warren!

Greta joined the child care volunteer team a year ago. She was introduced to the Crisis Nursery through helping with her daughter’s school class  service project for the Crisis Nursery. Our staff enthusiastically agrees that Greta always has kind words and helping hands for whatever is needed to care for the children, “ Ms. Greta is a ray of sunshine!”

Greta says she has a selfish reason for volunteering at the Crisis Nursery. She explains, “I get my baby fix at the Crisis Nursery! And, I can give back in the process! I can volunteer while my children are in school and it is not an overwhelming commitment. It is a truly wonderful place to volunteer.”


Our volunteers give their time, talent and energy 365 days a year (this year 366!) to help us serve families in crisis.  Crisis Nursery volunteers  include individuals and families, business and community groups, ages twelve through senior citizens—but all generously share the gift of themselves to help further our mission to end child abuse and neglect and create, strong healthy  families.

During Volunteer Appreciation Week we especially want to recognize all our volunteers for their compassionate dedication.

Wine Tasting Event will Raise Funds for At-risk Children

July 27, 2011
Contact: Kathleen Manning
Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery | 763-226-2061

Wine Tasting Event Will Raise Funds for At-risk Children

Haskell’s to coordinate wine tasting; auctions feature artist Francene Christianson and Chef Steven Brown

Minnetonka, Minn., July 27, 2011 — Harvesting Hope, the Twin Cities’ premier fall wine event, will be a memorable evening of fine wine, fabulous food and exciting live and silent auctions. The 7th annual event will benefit at-risk children and is hosted by the Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery (, Friday, Oct. 14 at the Marriott Southwest in Minnetonka. Proceeds directly support Crisis Nursery programs to benefit children at risk of abuse or neglect and help strengthen vulnerable families in crisis.


The following piece was featured in Social Venture Partner's June 16, 2011 EPCON Conference Program.

Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery’s mission is to end child abuse and neglect and create strong, healthy families. The Crisis Nursery offers a 24-hour crisis line, crisis counseling, community referrals, parent education classes, a family support group, and overnight residential care for parents to place their children voluntarily—newborn through age six—for up to three nights while they address their crisis. In addition, families that access the Crisis Nursery three or more times may be able to access the Crisis Nursery’s 4th Day Home Visiting Program—intensive, ongoing work with a qualified, experienced Crisis Nursery home visitor.

Still Innovating After 28 Years

Innovative is not often a word associated with non-profits, let alone 28 year-old ones. Yet that word aptly describes the programs of Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery. In 1999 the Crisis Nursery began its 4th Day Home Visiting Program. The Crisis Nursery had grown to be a vital resource for families in the community.

SVP and Crisis Nursery Co-Host Breakfast Forum

On April 28, Social Venture Partners-Minnesota (SVP) and Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery co-hosted a breakfast forum regarding the Crisis Nursery’s new, innovative and leading edge Nursery Way childcare protocols.  50 SVP partners and Crisis Nursery supporters attended the forum.  The following is a brief overview of the event:

What was the main message of the forum?

Michele Fallon, LICSW and Dr. Anne Gearity, two leading experts on working with children who have experienced trauma, detailed the science behind the Crisis Nursery’s new protocols and explained how the Crisis Nursery can have a significant impact in the lives of the children that it shelters.

How has this research informed the Crisis Nursery's new protocols?

The protocols focus on the reality that most, if not all of the children that stay at the Crisis Nursery have experienced some form of crisis, if not trauma.  A child’s ability to handle frustration, distress, and other emotions, even for a short time, may be compromised when that child experiences a crisis.